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Jane Wang, composer/musician, was born in Oxford, England and is a dual citizen. She has performed and/or recorded with The Balvanyos Ensemble of Hungary, Mark Harvey'’ Aadvark Orchestra, F. Vattel Cherry, Butch Morris's Phantomstation and Band Big! Conductions, the hip-hop ANW sextet led by Angelamia Bachemin, Daddio's Big Band led by Keith Papa, the NY Big Band Clinic, composer/clarinetist James Falzone, the Takumi Seino Group with whom she toured Japan in 1997, Carolyn Castellano, Tony Owens Maasai, Chieko Hayashi, Sabir Mateen, Stan Strickland, Allan Chase, Andrew D’Angelo, Oscar Noriega, Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamara, Hakim Law, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jorrit Dijkstra, Dominique Eade,Tom Hall, Beat Science leader Brian Carpenter, Daniel Carter, Kenta Nagai, Naoko Ono, Warren Smith, Syd Smart, Glynis Lomon, Raphe Malik, Raymond King, Ravish Momin, Roger Miller, Saturnalia, Grant Smith, Tatsuya Nakatani, A La Modal, Cast of Characters, Amarcord, Nikola Radan’s Balmus Ensemble, James Coleman, Charlie Kohlhase, Jed Speare, Haitian Singer/Songwriter Gifrants, Mexican Singer/Songwriter/Dancer Veronica Robles and a salsa/merengue group led by Julio Bare.

Jane composed and performed several solo bass pieces for the artist Hanne Tierney which were presented at the Wanas Exhibition in Sweden, the International Festival of Puppet Theatre, BAM Next Wave Festival, the Sculpture Center and five myles in New York City, the Beograd International Theatre Festival in Yugoslavia, and Ms. Tierney’s Obie-award winning Salome (with Sabir Mateen) at five myles and the International Festival of Puppet Theatre. In Fall 2001, Jane composed and performed music for Hanne Tierney’s How Wang-Fo Was Saved and Spring 2005 Ms. Tierney’s Man, the Flower of All Flesh which had a rave REVIEW IN The New York Times - May 6th 2005. Jane and the entire design team on that production were nominated for the 2005 Henry Hewes Design Award.

She also created music for Renita Martin’s one woman show Five Bottles In a Six Pack performed at Theater Offensive in Boston and directed by Daniel Alexander Jones, the Cherry Lane Theater (CLICK for photo) in NYC and JumpStart in San Antonio, Texas, directed by Laurie Carlos and Ms. Martin’s It Is The Seeing in 2008 also at the Cherry Lane Theater.

Jane was part of the new music group Human Connection (led by composer Kenji Kikuchi) including "For Mike and Me" featuring bassist Mike Bullock and an ensemble piece featuring playwright/director Daniel Alexander Jones on vocals. She is currently part of a cyber-collective of composers called ~chromatik_d_zabu.tmp and her one-minute piece Numero Uno was awarded a spot in the 2007 International Mix of the 60x60 Project - please see Vox Novus, created by composer and impresario Robert Voisey.

Jane often works with movement artists including Anika Tromholt Kristensen, Olivier Besson, Shakti Smith, Rick Roberts, Melanie Hedlund, Gene Broadway, Su Eaton, and presented the multimedia Moving Sound for the 2001 Boston Asian American Jazz Festival, 2002 Autumn Uprising and thru a Artslink 2002 grant, the Ludwig Museum and Mu Theater (CLICK for photos) in Budapest, Hungary in collaboration with the Balvanyos Ensemble (Judit Balvanyo and Zsolt Varga) and at PASIC 2003 (CLICK for photo) in Louisville, KY with guests Matthew Taylor and Anastasia. Current members of Moving Sound are multipercussionist Grant Smith and movement artist Liz Roncka (Jo Tanc). Jane and Grant performed for the Living Art Workshop series developed by Judy Cohen for the Museum of Fine Arts.

She wrote and performed the score for /Danny Swain’s 2008 version of 3000 Miles to Blue and Kee Chin’s All In One. She composed a little ditty about nothing and created a few short videos for various exhibitions and happenings curated by Matthew Lee Knowles, a composer/performance artist living in London, UK. In January 2008, Jane was invited to and joined the Mobius Artists Group, a group of experimental artists based in Boston.

Jane studied with Cecil McBee, Dave Zox, Michael Willens, Joe Maneri and Bob Gullotti.

"And Then You Heard Tales" - Ryo Hashizume - Hao Records 428 - 1997
"In A Stranger’s Hand" - Ryo Hashizume - Hao Records 429 - 1998
"Somewhere In The Universe" - Takeshi Asai - Hao Records 430 - 1999
"Invisible" - Osamu Moriyama - Hao Records 431 - 2000

"The Sabir Mateen Quartet: Other Places Other Spaces" - 2008
Nu Bop Records CD 05 ..........
"Vol XXIV - From The Outskirts of The Milky Way" - 2007
"Vol XXII - Funky Industrial Cartoons" - 2006
"Vol XVIII - The New Voice of Chromatic Disgruntlement" - 2006
CDZ and Vox Novus - CDZ - MP3 DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ..........
"First Time Out - Waterfront Park String Band" - 2004
"More Than A Dream - Soul Station Live in Baltimore" - 2004
"Legend of the Sea" - SOLARIS - Luna Records - 2003
"Bethlehem COUNTERPOINT" - Aardvark Jazz Orchestra - 2002
- Aardmuse Recordings CD102 ..........
"Sabir Mateen: Secrets of When" - Bleu Regard CT 1961 - 2001
"Twoubadou Sek" - Gifrants - Gaeta Records (toll free: 1.866.559.004) - 2001
"Invention Box" - Binary System - Atavistic ALP127CD - 2001
"Vattel Cherry’s bassrespänse" 2001
- Owlsong Records - OWL2001- also avail thru CDBABY ..........
"The Already and The Not Yet" - James Falzone - 2000
"Live on Boston Radio WGBH: Eric In the Evening" - Who She Be - promo CD - 1999
"Slow Dance At The Asylum" - Molly Flannery Quintet - 1999
"Serenade by Gifrants" - Gifrants - Gaeta Records 3323 - 1996
"Laundry for the Nineties" - The Lydian People’s Front - Lydian1 - 1996


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