Sweetie and Jasper


Sweetie and Jasper were the two cats residing at the Hao Records house in a town next to Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). They were both adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston : Sweetie (original name: Cheshire) when she was approximately one year old on September 14th, 1994 and Jasper (original name: Sputnik !???) when he was approximately five months old on October 20th, 1994. Forced together in circumstances beyond their control, they maintained a somewhat stormy relationship, especially over food issues but were grudgingly fond of each other and were often seen napping close together (but not touching, of course!).

Sweetie and Jasper became the mascots for Hao Records quite by accident. During the 1997 tour of Japan to release Ryo Hashzume’s “In A Stranger’s Hand”, when bassist Jane Wang broke the E string on the bass she was using at the Big Apple in Kobe, M.C. and guitarist Seino-san entertained the audience with reflections and stories about Sweetie-chan and Jasper-kun. He also revealed that Pianist Kudo-san was especially fond of Sweetie and had oftened threatened to catnap her to Japan. Hence, Sweetie-chan and Jasper-kun have many fans in Japan whom they have never met.


RIP Jasper (May 13, 1994 – August 13, 2014)

RIP Sweetie (September 19, 1992 – November 24, 2014)

Sweetie and Jasper are together again. One day soon we hope to be with them.
In the meantime, their ghosties are here to comfort us and keep us good company.
Beloved forever and ever.