Takumi Seino


Guitarist Takumi Seino has performed and recorded with diverse acts including Ryo Hashizume’s And Then You Heard Tales and In A Stranger’s Hand, The Third Impression, Thomas Lichenstein Band, Takumi Seino Trio (Birds From The Sea, 1997), the Takumi Seino Group which toured Japan in 1997 (with Takeshi Asai, Jane Wang and Scott Goulding), and the Takeshi Asai Group.

Takumi graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 1996. He was selected as a guitarist for the Berklee College of Music Student All Star Band and performed at the 23rd Annual IAJE International Conference in January 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, he was awarded by IAJE a Special Citation for Outstanding Musicianship. He was also named best guitarist at the YAMAHA competition in Osaka, Japan 1985.

Takumi Seino:  http://www.takumiseino.com/


“And Then You Heard Tales” – Ryo Hashizume – Hao Records 428 – 1997
“In A Strangers Hand”– Ryo Hashizume – Hao Records 429 – 1998
“Somewhere In The Universe” – Takeshi Asai – Hao Records 430 – 1999

“FLOW” – Takumi Seino – VOS Records 629, 2002 – Contact: Takumi Seino
“Light is decomposed into fragments / Priority” – FGBG 4367.AR MUSEA RECORDS, FRANCE
“Drops” – Takumi Seino – VOS Records 628, 2000 – Contact: Takumi Seino
“Sunny Land” – The Third Impression – SL-69, 1992 – Contact: Takumi Seino
“Let The World In” – Thomas Lichtenstein – TL-92, 1992 – Contact: Takumi Seino
“KHAMSIN” – KHAMSIN – KHAM-01, 1998 – Contact: Takumi Seino